Lovely Lucille

Lovely Lucille

I am a sensualist, reveling in the world of pleasure, and I look forward to discovering the many paths that lead to your pleasure.

Some of My Pleasures: basking in sunshine, the breeze across my skin, dark chocolate melting into my mouth, and dancing on the earth.

I am trained in the arts of massage, yoga, and sacred sexuality, exploring how breath, sound, and touch can transform our erotic patterns. There are so many journeys through the realm of the senses!

I love to cuddle! Giving and receiving with mindful touch and luxurious sensuality.

Please Note: I don’t shave my body, so I come complete with a light and soft layer of hair. Also, I never apply scents or makeup —I come all natural!

In the instance that I’m not available, I’ve compiled a list of lovely ladies that will be sure to warm your body and intrigue your mind.