Welcome!  Thanks for visiting my little virtual glen.  I've tried to make my site as luscious for your eyes as my sessions are for your body, so please take some time to explore and relish all you see.

My name is Lucille.  I'm a 26 year-old petite, all-natural redhead standing proudly at 5', 105 lbs.  Those who have seen me describe me as a dryad, a nymph, a pixie, or a girl-next-door delight.  I describe myself as open, loving, playful, engaging, and joyful.  I'm curious and creative by nature, reading books and crafting art whenever I get a chance.  I love eating seasonal foods, relishing in the warmth of sunshine, practicing yoga, dancing ecstatically, and being nude whenever possible, especially in nature.  I'm not your average girl so let me clarify what I mean by "all-natural"... my body is in its natural state: complete with all my hair and devoid of any scents or makeup.

I truly enjoy offering sensual whole-body massage and connecting deeply in a slow, un-rushed setting.  If you'd like to know more about what I offer in my sessions, click here.